About Us

HIPOSAN producing quality, reliable, and compliant with standards competitive products and as being dominant in global platform with its 21 years of experience advances with proud to be a world brand by standardizing strategic approach and quality… It has adopted to make initiations related to the future, to establish employment sites, and to undersign international achievements.  Hiposan considering the continuance in quality and customer satisfaction as the motto and operating in this direction executes its operations before and after the production with its professional team experienced in its field and R&D team established within its structure. It aims at increasing customer satisfaction and quality standards with quality control system realized in each phase of the production.


With its experience and knowledge accumulation obtained during long years in its area HİPOSAN Hidrolik Pompa Sanayi has standardized its unique quality policy with its professional team and service principles and is a pioneer entity providing excellent service for its target population with its national and international identity.

    It has combined the deserved proud of including new products to its range currently encompassing hydraulic damper pumps, PTO, valves, interconnection equipments, flanges, adapters, damper buttons, sockets, and quadrant mills, and technology and quality satisfaction with customer satisfaction.

    Hiposan continuing its R&D studies in order to continue quality with latest technology and customer satisfaction is a reputable company internationally with self confidence from the experienced team. With the trust policy as the product of 21 years of experience in the R&D work and its sector, it executes operations by aiming at the customer satisfaction before and after production. Hiposan with the quality control system realized in each phase of the production conducts its operations by knowing the importance of the trust concept.

    Hiposan undersigning many achievements without sacrificing from its high quality and excellent service understanding since its foundation has considered making new initiations and conducting international achievements with professional team spirit for the valuable clients as a mission.

    Hiposan has adopted leading brand with its products and services at world standards combines technologic standards with compliant performance as the principle.

Quality Policy:

    Our firm has adopted power management understanding in all areas by considering reliability, quality, customer satisfaction as the principle with 21 years of experience and references; and to provide services with our national and international firm identity at high technology production.